In this episode Gordon and Jeff talk about:

GeoMajas released GWT face 1.11.1

  • A GWT based frontend to it’s GIS framework
  • Geomajas is an enterprise-ready open source GIS framework for the web.
  • It has client-server integration for displaying and editing of geographic data.
  • Geomajas has integrated security and is endlessly scalable. It is compliant with OGC standards such as WMS, WFS, etc and also supports spatial databases.
  • It integrates with your system and provides out-of-the-box functionality through plug-ins.
  • By leveraging GWT on the client, development is all-Java making it easier and more efficient for your team.

GWT-Eureka 0.2 Release

  • GWT-Eureka 0.2. is a new library for GWT widgets that are not big enough to fit anywhere else.
  • Current components:
    • TimePicker: As the name says, a time picker, where you can type hours and minutes
    • iOSButton: A button with support for badges, like in iOS
    • ExtendedDatePicker: An extended DatePicker, where you can choose the valid start/end dates
  • Changes since version 0.1
    • Different fixes in the widgets, mainly in the TimePicker
    • Changed license from the GPLv3 to Apache v2 by popular demand.

Planned for version 0.3


  • Version 3.8.0 Beta 2 released.
  • Wraps Google Maps version 3. Makes easy to use in GWT.
  • Will be available via Maven, waiting for inclusion in Central repository.
  • Supports:
    • Map with Polyline
    • Directions Service
    • Weather Maps layer
    • Styled Maps
    • Map drawing
    • Elevation service
    • Custom controls
    • Info windows
    • Street View
    • More

GWT debugging, go further with jetty and maven

  • How to add JNDI resources and environment variables to built in Jetty server when debugging GWT apps in Eclipse.

Atmosphere Adds a GWT Demo

  • Atmosphere is a WebSocket / Comet / JSONP utilization framework
  • Contains client and server parts
  • Supports major browsers
    Browser Version WebSockets Long-Polling Http Streaming JSONP Server-Sent Events
    Firefox 3.x to 8.x X X X
    Firefox 9.x to 12.x X X X X X
    Chrome 12.x and lower X X X X
    Chrome 13.x and higher X X X X X
    Internet Explorer 6x to 9.x X X X
    Internet Explorer 10.x X X X X
    Opera 10.x and lower X X X
    Opera 11.x X X X X
    Safari 4.x X X X X
    Safari 5.x X X X X X
    Android 2.x and up X X X
    Safari (iOS) 1.x to 4.x X X X
    Safari (iOS) 5.x X X X X

Atmosphere 1.0.2 is Released

  • Small dot dot release that fixes a few bugs
  • Atmosphere transparently supports WebSockets, Server Side Events (SSE), Long-Polling, HTTP Streaming (Forever frame) and JSONP

This Weeks Power Tool


  • Allows a simple and efficient integration of GWT with Spring
  • Dispatcher Servlet looks for implementation of service
  • Services do not need to inherit from RemoteServlet.
  • Has utilities for accessing session and properties of the request.
  • Contains a simple mapping framework
  • Has support for Gilead