In this episode we talk about:

Debugging The GWT Compiler

  • Why? To learn more how the compiler works
  • You can set up a remote debugging session
  • Or you can setup your Eclipse environment like the GWT contributors. There is a Readme.txt
  • Maybe you want to create and awesome patch and give back.


2.1 is coming, 2.1 is coming

  • At the Errai team is hard at work delivering version 2.1 of Errai.
  • Release candidate 2 is out.
  • Errai reduces Boilerplate code and extends JBoss server-side API’s and CDI to GWT client code.
  • CDI is (JSR 299: Contexts and Dependency Injection for the JavaTM EE platform)
  • It also has a JAX-RS module that makes it a breeze to talk restful-ly with your server.
  • It allows you to use @Inject for dependencies
  • For JAX_RS you can use a Caller<MyService> to call your restful service


OpenLayers mapping in your GWT application


  • gwt-openlayers has releases 0.9-SNAPSHOT
  • gwt-openlayers is a GWT wrapper for the openlayers javascript library
  • OpenLayers is a pure Javascript library and requires no server side.
  • It is like Google Maps API or MSN’s Virtual Earth API, but is free and open source.
  • Its’ licensed under BSD clause 2 (FreeBSD)


gwt-phonegap 2.0 released

  • It is now fully compatible with Phonegap 2.0 and  GWT 2.4 and GWT 2.5 rc1.
  • This version fully works with mgwt.
  • As always you can get the new version from google code or from maven central:


Microsoft’s new TypeScript

GWT/Java Developers Work Together To Help Children

  • There is a meetup in Mountain View, CA of GWT/Java developers
  • They are teaming up to build an app that will be used by Orphanage Without Borders to facilitate the work of other organizations supporting orphaned and abandoned children
  • Orphanage Without Borders is a non-profit organization whose mission is to improve the life of children living in orphanages and abandoned children.


Vanilla JS Used On More Sites Than jQuery

  • In fact Vanilla JS is already used on more sites than JQuery, Prototype JS, MooTools, YUI, and Google Web Toolkit.
  • As the Vanilla JS team say:

Vanilla JS is a fast, lightweight, cross-platform framework

for building incredible, powerful JavaScript applications.

  • Spoof


Code ops / sec
Vanilla JS document.getElementById(‘test-table’); 12,137,211
Dojo dojo.byId(‘test-table’); 5,443,343
Prototype JS $(‘test-table’) 2,940,734
Ext JS delete Ext.elCache[‘test-table’]; Ext.get(‘test-table’); 997,562
jQuery $jq(‘#test-table’); 350,557
YUI YAHOO.util.Dom.get(‘test-table’); 326,534
MooTools‘test-table’); 78,802


Power Tool

Gin, Guice for GWT Client Side

  • Brings and IOC Container to GWT
  • Uses the same syntax as Guice
  • Helps to promote component based development
  • Helps to make code easier to test and Mock
  • Included as a Module
  • Links into the GWT compile process