In this episode we talk about:

GWT 2.5 Release Candidate 2 is Released

  • Ray Cromwell posted on Google+ that release candidate 2 was pushed out but the blog post wasn’t.
  • There are more than 100 fixes included since rc1.

Pro Account 2.0 Embraces Vaadin 7 and GWT

  • The Vaadin team is offering commercial first level support for GWT
  • Offers Bugfix Priority and Feature Voting
  • Not sure how I feel about this.

Develop Spring MVC and GWT applications using Spring Roo 1.2 and deploy them on Cloud Foundry

  • IBM developerWorks has an article on Spring Roo and GWT application development
  • written by Shekhar Gulati, Senior Java Consultant, Xebia
  • Part 6 of a 6 parts series
  • He uses Java 6, Maven 3, Spring Roo 1.2.1
  • Spring Roo now has MongoDB and Cassandra support

GWT-Bootstrap was released.

Based on Bootstrap, from Twitter., GWT-Bootstrap Bootstrap provides simple and flexible components representing Twitter’s bootstrap components, styles, and plugins. In other words, it’s a front-end API for faster, more beautiful GWT web development.

Notes: Went To Public Beta With a Consumer Facing GWT/GAE Application

  • An example of client facing applicaiton using Google We Toolkit and Gaoogle App Engine.
  • They partnered with USA Today so they expect to traffic increas coming out of public beta
  • The are pleased with the architecture
  • Psst they are hiring in the DC area
  • Discussion on Google Groups

Go … Go … Inspector Gadget

  • Inspector Widget which can give you insight in how many GWT widgets are in your page.
  • No documentation but very cool.
  • Kelly Norton’s tool

We love GWT … we love it not … we love GWT … we love it not … WE LOVE IT at least some of us

  • Out on Amplicate Looks like GWT has a 64% love rating
  • So looks like developers like GWT, htey are just not in love with it.
  • Amplicate is a place where you can post your opinion on a topic

Power Tool

gwt-exporter Helps You Produce Javascript libraries with GWT

  • The project is a GWT module which contains a generator capable of taking GWT classes and exporting them as ordinary Javascript APIs callable from hand-written Javascript, without having to deal with JSNI, and suitable for use in mashups.
  • Develop an application or library in GWT and use gwt-exporter annotations to make classes and methods available from javascript.
  • The project includes a class to generate the API documentation of the exported Javascript.
  • Your code can be called by normal Javascript.