In this episode Gordon and Jeff talk about:

Initial Release of gwt-websockets

  • Simple wrapper around websockets
  • Allows you to use web sockets with no Javascript.
  • Create a WebSocketListener that has onOpen onClose and onMessage
  • Available in Maven Repo

GWT Widget Performance and Optimization Solution

  • Real world app optimization. The author had slow performance on a music app prototype.
  • IE6 could take 4.5 seconds to render large track lists. Firefox 4 took 0.5 seconds
  • He removed all listeners from all widgets and had only one on the tracks container.
  • Each track carried a track id and position in json on a data-query attribute
  • Next step was to remove widgets and build the html
  • IE6 went down to .85 seconds,  Firefox 4 0.15
  • Could probably used Cells, cells are lighter weight than widgets and they produce all the content as html.

Looks like GWT is Moving Over to Git and Gerrit

  • John Ahlroos @jatwitt tweeted about the move
  • The gwt source shows instructions on how to clone with git
  • There is a gwt project on Gerrit
  • Gerrit os a code review tool

Advanced GWT Components Version 2.0.8 is released

  • Available in Maven Repo
  • Has the following components

Testing GWT applications for capacity and performance

  • Talks about using JMeter to test GWT applicaitons
  • Sets up a proxy between client and server
  • Talks about
    • session
    • Object Id obfuscation and compression
    • Objects by reference in GWT serialization

Looks like Gerrit now has support for GWT apps

This Week’s Power Tool:


  • GWTP – gooteepee
  • Provides a MVP framework, before GWT had one
  • Provides annotations for code splitting and history management
  • Supports
    • dependency injection through Gin and Guice
    • simple but powerful history management
    • nested presenters
    • Lazy init for presenters and views
    • easy code splitting
    • integrated command pattern support with undo and redo
  • Uses the event bus in a clear and efficient manner
  • Forked GWT-Dispatch and GWT-Presenter
  • GWTP Eclipse Plugin
  • Works with Maven
  • Great Documentation