In this episode Gordon and Jeff talk about:

Bring The Best of YUI 4 To Your GWT App

  • Wrap most useful parts of YUI 3 with Javascript Overlay objects that you can use in GWT.
  • Gallery Site

Test GWT RPC Calls Synchronously with SyncProxy

  • Shows how to test a series of RPC calls in succession.
  • Uses a separate Eclipse project to call into the services

Discussion about switching from Eclipse to IntelliJ for GWT Development

  • IntelliJ costs more
  • IntelliJ seems to offer much better performance
  • IntelliJ seems to offer better JavaScript support

New Formula for GWT using OS X homebrew package manager

  • Makes it easier to install GWT sdk on Macs.
  • Home brew is Git and Ruby
  • Formulas are ruby scripts
  • Easy package management

New Validation section in the Developers Guide for 2.5

  • JSR-303 Bean Validation – using constraint annotations
  • New for GWT 2.5
  • Capable of creating validators for client side.

Native Date/Time pickers in Chrome

The Future of GWT Report 2012

  • The Steering Committee compiled the responses to their survey on the future of GWT.
  • The report is a compilation of the 1300+ responses.

Paper based prototyping systems

This Episode’s Power Tool


  • Brings the SVG capabilities of  Raphaël to your GWT project.
  • It is a lightweight java API for doing vector graphics drawing.
  • Uses GWT Overlay types for implementing a zero overhead API to Raphael.
  • Shapes are not widget based making it lightweight.
  • Raphael4gwt Gallery