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EasyGWT Podcast Episode 08

In this episode Gordon and Jeff talk about:

GWT 2.5 Is Released

  • Super Dev Mode
    • Source mapping
    • no browser plugins
  • Elemental
    • new library for fast lightweight “to the metal” web programming
  • New compiler optimizations
    • optionally use Closure compiler
    • Fragment merging for large apps with many code splits
  • Updated ARIA support
    • Accessibility
  • UIBinder Enhancements
    • support for Cell rendering
  • Validation Enhancements
    • JSR-303 Bean Validation

gwt-maven-plugin version 2.5.0 is released

  • A maven mojo for using 2.5.0 in your Maven projects

Major Advantages Of GWT

On someone asked what the major advantages of GWT are. Here are some of the responses:

  • Both browser-side and servlet-side coding in Java
  • Single code base makes it both easy to develop and debug
  • Quite a mature technology now with big user community
  • Actively managed and being enhanced by Google
  • Easy integrations with other technologies, e.g., JSP and native JavaScript
  • Easy to embed GWT widgets in web pages
  • Handles most JavaScript cross-browser issues
  • Provides a lot of abstractions for client-server programming like GWT-RPC and RequestFactory
  • “I would say that Java tools, for example testing and packet management. Also it generates working javascript for mainstream browsers.”

Calling GWT code from a Flash element In 4 Steps

  • Posted by Nick Tsitlakidis.
  • He uses Radio.js micro-library which handles all the event communication.
  • The method he uses:
    • Use in Flash to call out to JavaScript
    • In the Javascript method call into Radio.js to publish a method
    • Subscribes to Radio.js in GWT using JSNI
  • Radio.js micro-library which will handle all the event communication
  • Dependency-Free
  • Chainable Methods
  • Set Callback Scope
  • Lightweight
  • Radio.js is less than 1kb.

We use GWT, Do You?

  • Great little app that allows companies to register as users of Google Web Toolkit
  • Global registry
  • Show statistics on target environments, team size etc.
  • Cool

Not your Father’s Slider Bar

  • gwt-slider-bar a collection of ready to use slider bars for GWT.
  • Also has a framework to enable you to build your own.
  • Demo Site

This Week’s Power Tool:


  • Along with GWT-Phonegap gives you the tools to create a native mobile web apps.
  • Developed by Daniel Kurka
  • Mobile Widgets that are compatible with UIBinder
  • DOM API for touch and animation events
  • Themes for Android, iPhone, iPad and Blackberry
  • Supports offline HTML5 applicaitons
  • supports GWT RPC in Phonegap
  • Some of the widgets include:
    • Header List
    • Popups
    • Carousel
    • Slider
    • Elements
    • Forms
    • Progress Bar
  • Phonegapgives you access to native  native hardware and services for 7 mobile platforms through a Javascript API. Including access to:
    • Accelerometer
    • Camera
    • Captuer
    • Compass
    • Connection
    • Contacts
    • Device
    • Events
    • File
    • Geolocation
    • Globalization
    • Media
    • Notification
    • Splashscreen
    • Storage
  • GWT-Phonegap wraps that API in an easy to use GWT module
  • At version 1.1.2

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Easy GWT Podcast Episode 06

In this episode Gordon and Jeff talk about:

GeoMajas released GWT face 1.11.1

  • A GWT based frontend to it’s GIS framework
  • Geomajas is an enterprise-ready open source GIS framework for the web.
  • It has client-server integration for displaying and editing of geographic data.
  • Geomajas has integrated security and is endlessly scalable. It is compliant with OGC standards such as WMS, WFS, etc and also supports spatial databases.
  • It integrates with your system and provides out-of-the-box functionality through plug-ins.
  • By leveraging GWT on the client, development is all-Java making it easier and more efficient for your team.

GWT-Eureka 0.2 Release

  • GWT-Eureka 0.2. is a new library for GWT widgets that are not big enough to fit anywhere else.
  • Current components:
    • TimePicker: As the name says, a time picker, where you can type hours and minutes
    • iOSButton: A button with support for badges, like in iOS
    • ExtendedDatePicker: An extended DatePicker, where you can choose the valid start/end dates
  • Changes since version 0.1
    • Different fixes in the widgets, mainly in the TimePicker
    • Changed license from the GPLv3 to Apache v2 by popular demand.

Planned for version 0.3


  • Version 3.8.0 Beta 2 released.
  • Wraps Google Maps version 3. Makes easy to use in GWT.
  • Will be available via Maven, waiting for inclusion in Central repository.
  • Supports:
    • Map with Polyline
    • Directions Service
    • Weather Maps layer
    • Styled Maps
    • Map drawing
    • Elevation service
    • Custom controls
    • Info windows
    • Street View
    • More

GWT debugging, go further with jetty and maven

  • How to add JNDI resources and environment variables to built in Jetty server when debugging GWT apps in Eclipse.

Atmosphere Adds a GWT Demo

  • Atmosphere is a WebSocket / Comet / JSONP utilization framework
  • Contains client and server parts
  • Supports major browsers
    Browser Version WebSockets Long-Polling Http Streaming JSONP Server-Sent Events
    Firefox 3.x to 8.x X X X
    Firefox 9.x to 12.x X X X X X
    Chrome 12.x and lower X X X X
    Chrome 13.x and higher X X X X X
    Internet Explorer 6x to 9.x X X X
    Internet Explorer 10.x X X X X
    Opera 10.x and lower X X X
    Opera 11.x X X X X
    Safari 4.x X X X X
    Safari 5.x X X X X X
    Android 2.x and up X X X
    Safari (iOS) 1.x to 4.x X X X
    Safari (iOS) 5.x X X X X

Atmosphere 1.0.2 is Released

  • Small dot dot release that fixes a few bugs
  • Atmosphere transparently supports WebSockets, Server Side Events (SSE), Long-Polling, HTTP Streaming (Forever frame) and JSONP

This Weeks Power Tool


  • Allows a simple and efficient integration of GWT with Spring
  • Dispatcher Servlet looks for implementation of service
  • Services do not need to inherit from RemoteServlet.
  • Has utilities for accessing session and properties of the request.
  • Contains a simple mapping framework
  • Has support for Gilead

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EasyGWT Podcast Episode 05

In this episode we talk about:

GWT 2.5 Release Candidate 2 is Released

  • Ray Cromwell posted on Google+ that release candidate 2 was pushed out but the blog post wasn’t.
  • There are more than 100 fixes included since rc1.

Pro Account 2.0 Embraces Vaadin 7 and GWT

  • The Vaadin team is offering commercial first level support for GWT
  • Offers Bugfix Priority and Feature Voting
  • Not sure how I feel about this.

Develop Spring MVC and GWT applications using Spring Roo 1.2 and deploy them on Cloud Foundry

  • IBM developerWorks has an article on Spring Roo and GWT application development
  • written by Shekhar Gulati, Senior Java Consultant, Xebia
  • Part 6 of a 6 parts series
  • He uses Java 6, Maven 3, Spring Roo 1.2.1
  • Spring Roo now has MongoDB and Cassandra support

GWT-Bootstrap was released.

Based on Bootstrap, from Twitter., GWT-Bootstrap Bootstrap provides simple and flexible components representing Twitter’s bootstrap components, styles, and plugins. In other words, it’s a front-end API for faster, more beautiful GWT web development.

Notes: Went To Public Beta With a Consumer Facing GWT/GAE Application

  • An example of client facing applicaiton using Google We Toolkit and Gaoogle App Engine.
  • They partnered with USA Today so they expect to traffic increas coming out of public beta
  • The are pleased with the architecture
  • Psst they are hiring in the DC area
  • Discussion on Google Groups

Go … Go … Inspector Gadget

  • Inspector Widget which can give you insight in how many GWT widgets are in your page.
  • No documentation but very cool.
  • Kelly Norton’s tool

We love GWT … we love it not … we love GWT … we love it not … WE LOVE IT at least some of us

  • Out on Amplicate Looks like GWT has a 64% love rating
  • So looks like developers like GWT, htey are just not in love with it.
  • Amplicate is a place where you can post your opinion on a topic

Power Tool

gwt-exporter Helps You Produce Javascript libraries with GWT

  • The project is a GWT module which contains a generator capable of taking GWT classes and exporting them as ordinary Javascript APIs callable from hand-written Javascript, without having to deal with JSNI, and suitable for use in mashups.
  • Develop an application or library in GWT and use gwt-exporter annotations to make classes and methods available from javascript.
  • The project includes a class to generate the API documentation of the exported Javascript.
  • Your code can be called by normal Javascript.


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EasyGWT Podcast Episode 04

In this episode we talk about:

Debugging The GWT Compiler

  • Why? To learn more how the compiler works
  • You can set up a remote debugging session
  • Or you can setup your Eclipse environment like the GWT contributors. There is a Readme.txt
  • Maybe you want to create and awesome patch and give back.


2.1 is coming, 2.1 is coming

  • At the Errai team is hard at work delivering version 2.1 of Errai.
  • Release candidate 2 is out.
  • Errai reduces Boilerplate code and extends JBoss server-side API’s and CDI to GWT client code.
  • CDI is (JSR 299: Contexts and Dependency Injection for the JavaTM EE platform)
  • It also has a JAX-RS module that makes it a breeze to talk restful-ly with your server.
  • It allows you to use @Inject for dependencies
  • For JAX_RS you can use a Caller<MyService> to call your restful service


OpenLayers mapping in your GWT application


  • gwt-openlayers has releases 0.9-SNAPSHOT
  • gwt-openlayers is a GWT wrapper for the openlayers javascript library
  • OpenLayers is a pure Javascript library and requires no server side.
  • It is like Google Maps API or MSN’s Virtual Earth API, but is free and open source.
  • Its’ licensed under BSD clause 2 (FreeBSD)


gwt-phonegap 2.0 released

  • It is now fully compatible with Phonegap 2.0 and  GWT 2.4 and GWT 2.5 rc1.
  • This version fully works with mgwt.
  • As always you can get the new version from google code or from maven central:


Microsoft’s new TypeScript

GWT/Java Developers Work Together To Help Children

  • There is a meetup in Mountain View, CA of GWT/Java developers
  • They are teaming up to build an app that will be used by Orphanage Without Borders to facilitate the work of other organizations supporting orphaned and abandoned children
  • Orphanage Without Borders is a non-profit organization whose mission is to improve the life of children living in orphanages and abandoned children.


Vanilla JS Used On More Sites Than jQuery

  • In fact Vanilla JS is already used on more sites than JQuery, Prototype JS, MooTools, YUI, and Google Web Toolkit.
  • As the Vanilla JS team say:

Vanilla JS is a fast, lightweight, cross-platform framework

for building incredible, powerful JavaScript applications.

  • Spoof


Code ops / sec
Vanilla JS document.getElementById(‘test-table’); 12,137,211
Dojo dojo.byId(‘test-table’); 5,443,343
Prototype JS $(‘test-table’) 2,940,734
Ext JS delete Ext.elCache[‘test-table’]; Ext.get(‘test-table’); 997,562
jQuery $jq(‘#test-table’); 350,557
YUI YAHOO.util.Dom.get(‘test-table’); 326,534
MooTools‘test-table’); 78,802


Power Tool

Gin, Guice for GWT Client Side

  • Brings and IOC Container to GWT
  • Uses the same syntax as Guice
  • Helps to promote component based development
  • Helps to make code easier to test and Mock
  • Included as a Module
  • Links into the GWT compile process

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EasyGWT Podcast Episode 03

In this episode we discuss the following:

On the Automation simplified blog they have post an article suggesting ways  to test GWT suggestion boxes with Selinium.
The author identifies a problem where he has a textbox with suggestions then needs to select a find button.
With the suggestion box open Selenium can’t find the button.
He outlines the fix and was able to create the test.

Tutorialspoint has been adding content to their GWT section. The site has a lot of useful GWT information consolidated into one section. Kind of like what W3Schools does for Html, Javascript and CSS.
It’s like cliff notes for GWit developers.

Kenneth Gulbrandsøy released an early version of gwt-leaflet a lightweight mapping alternative to popular mapping APIs like Google Maps and OpenLayers.
The library uses Leaflet, an open-source javascript library for mobile-friendly interactive maps by CloudMade, to implement a collection of mapping Widgets which GWT projects can use to implement mapping capabilites on the client-side of a GWT application. The Leaflet API is a third-party javascript and is integrated with GWT as Java classes using JSNI and Type Overlays.

Uma on the It’s Amazing (or is it Hello It’s Crazy blog) posted a tutorial on how to utilize all of these technologies in a sample app.
The tutorial is a step by step guide on how to set the project up and getting running.

The folks at Traction Software has added some new Date/Time Pickers to their open source gwt-traction library, that work in any timezone. They have a UTCDateBox and a UTCTimeBox that return a UTC date or time but allows the display and edit to be in the user’s local timezone.
That can be a problem when you deal with users across timezones especially since Java defaults to the locale of the server.
They also have a date time range control and HTML5 date/time inputs for iOS


Google released J2ObjC  a tool aimed at making it easier to port software between the two major smartphone platforms, by converting Java code for Android into Objective-C code that can be compiled to run on Apple iOS devices.
The same Java code could be shared with GWT applications allowing developers to leverage the same core code across the 3 platforms.
The UI would still need to be developed in Objective-C but non UI code can be translated.

The Register Article
eWeek Article

The Vaadin project along with the other steering committee members has put together a survey to get developers opinions to help steer future development of GWT.
They want to know

• How should GWT develop?

• What technologies should it better support?

• What are best practices within the community?

• What is your opinion on the future of GWT?

Get your voice heard take the survey.

Vaadin is having a JavaOne meetup in San Francisco on October 2 at Hotel Serrano starting at 5pm.
Don’t worry they’ll bring the beer.


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EasyGWT Episode 02

In the episode we discuss the following:

  • The new Firefox beta version 16 brings a command line to the browser.

    The new Firefox beta version 16 brings a command line to the browser.
    This may prove useful for developers. The command line provides keyboard access to the browser and tools. This first iteration is providing commands to do things that can be done with the Developer Toolbar or in Firebug or other tools, but if you prefer a keyboard to a mouse this holds a lot of promise. It will give you command completion and easy to use help for itself to get you up to speed. It will allow you to inspect, style, and debug JavaScript. You can also manage cookies, take a screenshot all from the keyboard.
  • GWT4NB 2.10.6 is NetBeans IDE 7.2 Ready!

    For those who use GWT in NetBeans, and have not updated to NB 7.2, now you can. GWT4NB was updated to be compatible with NetBeans 7.2, and some code cleaning was done, especially the dependency to the deprecated Swing Application Framework. No new features were added for this release.
  • Retina Images in Google Web Toolkit (GWT)

    Web pages in standard resolution can look horrible on a retina display. David Yorke created a GWT module that can help you present retina images when running on a retina device.
  • Getting started with Maven, GXT 3 and GWT 2.5

    On JWorks Erik Pragt has posted a tutorial on starting a Maven, GXT3, and GWT 2.5 application.
    He gives step by step instructions on how to setup a new project and get building.
  • Are you Chosen for GWiT?

    Julien Dramaix has released version 1.2.0 of GWTChosen a rewrite of the JQuery Chosen Javascript plugin.
    Chosen is a javascript plugin (for jQuery and Prototype) that makes long, unwieldy select boxes much more user-friendly.

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EasyGWT Podcast Episode 01

Gordon and Jeff talk about the following topics in the inaugural episode of the podcast.

Google API’s Console


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