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EasyGWT Episode 02

In the episode we discuss the following:

  • The new Firefox beta version 16 brings a command line to the browser.

    The new Firefox beta version 16 brings a command line to the browser.
    This may prove useful for developers. The command line provides keyboard access to the browser and tools. This first iteration is providing commands to do things that can be done with the Developer Toolbar or in Firebug or other tools, but if you prefer a keyboard to a mouse this holds a lot of promise. It will give you command completion and easy to use help for itself to get you up to speed. It will allow you to inspect, style, and debug JavaScript. You can also manage cookies, take a screenshot all from the keyboard.
  • GWT4NB 2.10.6 is NetBeans IDE 7.2 Ready!

    For those who use GWT in NetBeans, and have not updated to NB 7.2, now you can. GWT4NB was updated to be compatible with NetBeans 7.2, and some code cleaning was done, especially the dependency to the deprecated Swing Application Framework. No new features were added for this release.
  • Retina Images in Google Web Toolkit (GWT)

    Web pages in standard resolution can look horrible on a retina display. David Yorke created a GWT module that can help you present retina images when running on a retina device.
  • Getting started with Maven, GXT 3 and GWT 2.5

    On JWorks Erik Pragt has posted a tutorial on starting a Maven, GXT3, and GWT 2.5 application.
    He gives step by step instructions on how to setup a new project and get building.
  • Are you Chosen for GWiT?

    Julien Dramaix has released version 1.2.0 of GWTChosen a rewrite of the JQuery Chosen Javascript plugin.
    Chosen is a javascript plugin (for jQuery and Prototype) that makes long, unwieldy select boxes much more user-friendly.

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EasyGWT Podcast Episode 01

Gordon and Jeff talk about the following topics in the inaugural episode of the podcast.

Google API’s Console


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